About the Band

Live From The Garage

Late Night Messiah blew in on the wind after dark as you stagger home from a long hard day.  You weren’t expecting it and had no music in your head when it just hit you.  It’s as though you were dreaming of something but are completely unaware of it … maybe of something years ago.  And then you found it in a song.  Or maybe it found you.

Whichever it is, LNM has a way of touching that reminiscent spirit in all of us while inviting us to live after the workday is done. Lyricist Marc Lassman’s biting phrases and concepts can both haunt you and taunt you, but you can’t deny that there is something real behind them.  It’s some part of our past or present that plays out in musical form through the forceful melodies of Chris Thompson and Rossen Kolev.  Guitar driven, fast beat and retro-rock style of delivery, LNM gives you the feeling that you’ve been down that road, known that love or shared that emotion.


Who Are LNM?

Founders Marc Lassman, Chris Thompson, and Rossen Kolev themselves work hard during the day as serious international consultants, but by night they find the time to put it all down in rock form. Late Night Messiah was formed for the love of music and a desire to say something about the world around us.  Listen to the reflections of Dream of When I was a Dreamer, hear the undeniable sarcasm in Drama Queen and the irony of Sunday Girlfriend, feel the unrevealed angst of Let My Words, and jump to the in-your-face triumph of Ur In My House Now.  LNM plays with genres and styles but never loses its power and focus.  In today’s creatively void musical world of sampling, remakes, and mindless synthetic loops, LNM brings you back to where rock music began, live, hard and in the garage.

So, while Marc, Chris, and Rossen haven’t quit their day jobs, they won’t be packing up their amps and guitars from the garage anytime soon.  They’re going to put it down into a song and belt it out boldly for the rest of us to enjoy after hours.